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McCaw Hall is located at 321 Mercer Street, along the North edge of Seattle Center. Most performances take place at Marion Oliver McCaw Hall. Please plan to arrive a full 45 minutes before the time printed on your ticket. Latecomers will not be seated once the music has begun and must wait to be seated until an appropriate interval (usually intermission). Our Ticket Office is for Administrative Assistance and Sales Only. No performances take place at 1020 John Street.

During evening and weekend hours, Aurora/Hwy 99 often provides quicker access than I-5. It can take up to 45 minutes to get from the I-5 to Seattle Center if there are multiple activities scheduled at Seattle Center.

Download printable directions and parking map

Directions from Aurora/Hwy 99 North:

  1. Exit right on Roy Street.
  2. Turn left on Third Avenue North.
  3. Turn left on Mercer Street.

Directions from Aurora/Hwy 99 South:

  1. Take the Western Avenue exit.
  2. Turn right on First Avenue West. (Soft right)
  3. Turn right on Mercer Street.

From I-5:

  1. Take the Mercer Street/Seattle Center exit (exit 167).
  2. Proceed to 3rd Avenue and turn left reach the Mercer Street Garage.

Other I-5 Alternatives

Alternative for those heading south on I-5:

  1. Exit at North 145th Street or North 85th Street.
  2. Head west to Aurora/Hwy 99.
  3. Turn left onto Aurora heading south.
  4. Take a right on Valley Street (Seattle Center exit) and proceed 3 blocks west to 5th Avenue North.
  5. Take a left on 5th.
  6. From 5th you can turn right onto Roy Street to reach the Mercer Parking Garage, or you can continue 3 blocks south to Republican Street and the 5th Avenue Parking Lot.
  7. From there it’s a short walk to McCaw Hall.

Alternative for those heading north on I-5:

  1. Exit at Madison Street. (Exit 164A)
  2. Turn left onto Madison and then head north on 6th Avenue through downtown Seattle.
  3. When you reach Denny, turn left.
  4. Go one block to 5th Avenue North and turn right.
  5. Turn left on Roy Street to reach the Mercer Street Garage.
  6. Additional parking can be found at the 5th Avenue Parking Lot.

From Downtown Seattle Ferry Terminal

  1. Get off ferry and take first left onto Alaska Way.
  2. Continue down Alaska Way to the end and go right onto Broad St.
  3. Continue up Broad St. to 5th Ave.
  4. Turn left on 5th Ave until you come to Roy St.
  5. Turn left onto Roy Street to reach the Mercer Street Garage.

Area maps:

Download Printable Parking Map

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