Salome: Nina Warren*
(3/23, 27, 30; 4/3, 6)
Eilana Lappalainen*
(3/24, 29; 4/5)
Herod: Peter Kazaras
Herodias: Joyce Castle
Jokanaan: Richard Paul Fink
Narraboth: Thomas Studebaker
Page of Herodias: Anita Krause*
First Jew: William Saetre
Second Jew: Mark Tevis*
Third Jew: Steven Goldstein
Fourth Jew: Wesley Edwin Rogers
Fifth Jew: Rob Toren
First Nazarene: Gustav Andreassen*
Second Nazarene: Stephen Wall
First Soldier: Andrew Gangestad
Second Soldier: Byron Ellis
A Cappadocian: Archie Drake
A Slave: Priti Gandhi
Conductor: Gerard Schwarz
Stage Director: Sharon Ott
Set Designer: Robert Dahlstrom
Costume Designer: Sarah Nash Gates
Lighting Designer: Peter Maradudin
Hair & Makeup Designer: Denise O'Brien
Choreographer: Daniel Pelzig*
Production: Seattle Opera
English Captions: Jonathan Dean
* Seattle Opera debut

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