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Etiquette And Outfits

Minding your P's & Q's

Every baseball fan knows what to do during the seventh-inning stretch. Likewise, every opera fan knows to honor certain longstanding traditions. Here are a few to keep in mind:

Don't be Late!

Unlike a movie theater, Seattle Opera does not allow latecomers to take their seats after the performance has begun. (Those who miss the curtain can still take in the show—live—on television monitors in the lobby. Latecomers can then take their seats at a suitable interval—usually intermission.)

Be a Quiet Audience Member!

The talents of Seattle Opera’s singers and musicians are presented without amplification. There is no Dolby™ Stereo in McCaw Hall, and some of the most dramatic moments in opera are the quietest. Please don't create noisy disruptions such as talking, rustling programs, or fiddling with candy wrappers or singing or humming along with the opera.

Show Appreciation Appropriately!

Enthusiastic displays of appreciation are always welcome after a well-executed aria. If you're not exactly sure when to react, just follow the crowd. Feel free to shout "Bravo!"

What to Wear

Once patronized mainly by royalty, opera today is enjoyed by people from all walks of life. In modern day Seattle, you'll see opera-goers wearing everything from ball gowns to Birkenstocks. Feel free to dress up for a special night out, dress down for comfort, or find your own happy medium. When it comes to the opera, almost anything but the most casual wear is considered appropriate.

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