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Additional Reminders

  • Please unwrap all cough drops and candies before the curtain rises.
  • Please use moderation in applying perfume, cologne, or scented lotion; many people are highly allergic to perfumes.
  • Avoid hats that might obstruct the view of the person seated behind you. Also please leave jewelry that may make noise (for example: bangles) at home.
  • Please, no babes in arms in the theater.
  • Many operas contain adult themes. Before bringing children, it is best to make sure that the material is appropriate for their age or maturity level. Our ticket office staff can help you make this determination.
  • If bringing children, instruct them in proper audience behavior. It is also helpful to familiarize them with the story and the score so that they know what to expect.
  • Please turn off all beepers, cell phones, and watch alarms before entering the theater. Alternately, you may leave your beeper or pager with a Coat Check agent in the lobby; and an usher will alert you at an appropriate interval if you are paged. Patrons who might receive a page call should leave their exact seating locations (section, aisle, row, seat number) so they can be easily reached.
  • No food or drink is allowed in the theater seating area, both to preserve the condition of the theater and to spare other patrons the noise and distraction.
  • The Overture is part of the performance. Please refrain from talking at this point.
  • Please refrain from talking, humming, singing, or beating time to the music during the performance.
  • Avoid kicking the back of the seat in front of you; this is very annoying, even if it is done in time to the music. Also, watch your children to prevent their doing the same.
  • We realize that traffic both in and out of the theater can be congested following a performance; still, it is distracting to other patrons to leave while the show is still in progress. Thank you for your consideration. (If you'd rather not sit in traffic, consider taking part in a post-performance talk in the Nesholm Family Lecture Hall.)

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