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Our Earth Around Town

Seattle Opera presents a trilogy of operas created for our youngest opera goers and their families. Sung in English, the Our Earth trilogy follows a cast of animal and human characters as they explore marine, freshwater, and forest ecosystems.

In the first opera, Heron and the Salmon Girl, salmon fail to return to the sea one spring. Heron, Orca and Turtle, and the fisherman Tayil travel from the open water of Puget Sound to an estuary in search of the missing fish. Meanwhile Alitsa, a young woman who is also a salmon, searches for her brother, Parr, who has left their small fishing village, only to fall ill in the big city.

Our salmon siblings, Parr and Alitsa, continue their journey in Rushing Upriver - closely pursued by a hungry coyote, a treacherous raccoon, and a wise raven - in search of a unique white flower with healing properties.

The Our Earth trilogy concludes with Every River Has Its People as Frog, Eagle, Owl, Alitsa, Parr, and Tayil head even farther inland to solve the mystery of the missing salmon.

Recommended for ages 4 and up.

Music by Eric Banks
Libretto by Irene Keliher

Booking information: Available for schools and special appearances at libraries, community centers, and birthday parties. Choose from 30-minute performance sessions, or multi-visit residencies. In-school performances available by contacting Mark Allwein.

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