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Lucia di Lammermoor

Act 3 scene 1

Set Rental Information
Costume Rental Information


Stage Director: Tomer Zvulun
Conductor: Bruno Cinquegrani
Set Designer: Robert Dahlstrom
Costume Designer: Deborah Trout
Lighting Designer: Robert Wierzel
Scenery Period/Style: Timeless
Year Set Built: 2008, added elements in 2010
Scene Shop: Seattle Opera Scenic Studios
Costume Period/Style: Mid 19th Century Northern Europe
Year Costumes Built: 2010
Scene Shop: Seattle Opera Costume Shop




Set Rental Fee: $62,000.00
Director: First opportunity to provide artist’s services or name an assistant.
Royalty may apply.
Set Designer Royalty: Included
Number and size of truck(s): 3 - 53' Logistic post with Air-Ride
Insured set value: $500,000.00
Load-out/in costs: $10,000.00
Technical Supervisor: Provided by Seattle Opera.
Required for the initial load-in, set-up and load-out.
Expect 2 days to load-in this scenery and 1 day to strike and load-out.

NOTE: The quoted costs are subject to change. Final costs will be set when a contract is requested.

Crew Requirements

  Set-Up         Running         Strike
Stage Carpenters: 16         8         20
Stage Properties Crew: 4         4         4
Stage Electricians: 14         6 *         14
Stage Fly Men: 2         2         2
Approximate Time (Hours) 34 hrs                 13 hrs

* Does not include board operators

Technical Requirements:

Minimum width: 91' (does not include offstage storage)
Minimum depth: 51' for set, 56' to R/P
Minimum number of line sets: 15 (does not include masking or electrics)
Furthest upstage flying piece: 54’ 9” (not including R/P)
Height of tallest flying piece: 40'

NOTE: Main catwalks of set are hung from a total of 10 1-ton chain hoists.
An additional 7 1-ton chain hoists were used for assembly.
An additional 2 1-ton chain hoists were used for offstage assembly.
Additionally – Chandelier on 2 point hoists,
Gate storage on 2 point hoists,
Window wall storage on 2 point hoists.

NOTE: Stock escapes are included in the rental if available.
NOTE: Stock equipment is NOT included in the rental price. Stock equipment includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • All black masking
  • Point Hoists




  • Total Costume Rental: $22,900.00
  • Costume rental fee
  • Designer royalty
  • Packing charges
  • Cleaning
Not Included:

Costume Breakdown:

PRINCIPAL WOMEN (6 costumes)

  • 4) Lucia (x2 – double cast)
  • 2) Alisa

PRINCIPAL MEN (7 costumes)

  • 2) Edgardo (x2 – double cast)
  • 2) Enrico (x2 – double cast)
  • 1) Normanno
  • 1) Raimondo
  • 1) Arturo

CHORUS WOMEN (18 costumes)

  • Act 2 scene 2 Party
    • 18) Ballgowns
  • Act 3 scene 2 all add cloaks and bonnets

CHORUS MEN (44 costumes; 22 bodies)

  • Act 1 scene 2
    • 11) Peasants
    • 11) Servants (note: some “Servant” men repeat pieces with Act 2 looks)
  • Act 2 scene 2 Party
    • 16) Formal Tailsuits
    • 6) Uniforms
  • Act 3 scene 2 all add cloaks and hats

SUPER WOMEN (6 costumes, 5 bodies)

  • 1) Love-cursed Bride
  • 1) Cavalier Woman
  • 2) Maids
  • 2) Party guests

SUPER/ACTOR MEN (13 costumes, 13 bodies)

  • 1) Major Domo
  • 7) Normanno Guards
  • 4) Liveried Servants
  • 1) Cavalier Man
  • Act 3 scene 2 all add cloaks

SUPER CHILDREN (2 costumes)

  • 1) Girl Party Guest
  • 1) Boy Party Guest


All rental information and pricing is subject to change without notice. Material at this site is the property of Seattle Opera and is presented solely for informational and educational purposes. It is not to be reproduced or used for any other purpose without the written consent of Seattle Opera.

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