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Online Help for Subscribing

Subscribing Online is Easy! Here’s a step by step guide to what you’ll do

  1. Log In.
    If you receive emails from us, you probably have a login already - check the last email you received OR use the “forgot your password” reminder tool on the login page. Otherwise, select REGISTER NOW. It’s quick and easy.

  2. Choose Series Day & Seating Area.

  3. Review Order, Select Payment Plan and Checkout.
    Select the Free Payment Plan here if you would like to pay for your subscription on a credit card installment plan with just an $8 down payment today.


What if I can’t make one of the dates in my series? You can exchange your tickets using our Easy Ticket Exchange program. There are two options:

Request an early exchange now. If you already know you cannot make one of the dates of your subscription, you can request to exchange your tickets now. Exchanges are allowed into other dates of the same opera only. Seating for the new date will be assigned in the spring. We accept early exchanges by email. Please send an email with a subject line of Subscription Ticket Exchange to to once you have completed your online subscription order. Include the opera(s) you would like to exchange, the dates you currently have, and the date you want to change to. Please include the maximum total dollar amount you are willing to spend on a seating upgrade, if your current seating area is not available at the same price.
Use our online ticket exchange form (or call us) once you receive your tickets and you can easily to change your ticket to another day of the week. Exchanges can be processed through our online form starting July 21.
You can exchange your tickets to any other performance of the same opera, subject to availability, up to 24 hours in advance of the performance. Early Order Subscribers can exchange up to 4 pm on the day of a performance (or until 4 pm Saturday for Sunday series subscribers).

Will I receive confirmation of my order?

You will receive an email immediately confirming your order

When will I receive my tickets?

You will receive your tickets once your subscription is completely paid for. Fully-paid subscription tickets will be mailed beginning in July 2014. After August 1st, tickets will be mailed within five days of your final payment. If your first performance is within seven days of your final payment, the tickets will be held at the will call window at Marion Oliver McCaw Hall.

Have a question?

Contact the ticket office at 206.389.7676 or 800.426.1619 or by email at


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