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Payment Plans (Available only to Subscribers)

With our convenient automatic payment plan, you can spread your payments over several months, an option popular with our subscribers paying by credit card. It’s flexible and adjustable - to suit your needs. Payment plans are only available to subscribers. Here’s how it works.


How do I subscribe using a payment plan?
Payment plans are available when you order online, by phone, by mail, or at our Ticket Office.

What is the minimum I must pay today?
At a minimum, your payment today must include the $8 service fee.

What type of payment methods do you accept for the payment plan?
Payment plans may only be set up using a credit or debit card. We accept VISA, MasterCard and American Express. We are only able to accept one credit card for this payment. The card must be valid through one month past the last payment scheduled.

Do I have to pay the same amount in each payment?
No, you may change the amount and date of each payment if you like. Today’s payment must meet the minimum amount criteria described above.

Can I make a change to my payment plan?
Yes, you may contact the Ticket Office to change the arrangements of your payment plan at any time as long as your final payment is made as noted below.

When do I have to complete payments by?
Your final payment must be scheduled two weeks prior to the start of the first opera in your subscription.

Will I receive an invoice for each payment?
No, with our convenient automatic payment plan there is no need to call or send back an invoice to us. You will automatically be billed on the days you have initially set up for the payment plan.

When will I receive my tickets?
Fully-paid subscription tickets will be mailed in July 2014. After August 1st, tickets will be mailed within five days of your final payment. If your first performance is within seven days of your final payment, the tickets will be held at the will call window at Marion Oliver McCaw Hall.

The Fine Print on Payment Plans
Should any payment be declined by your credit/debit card company, the past due amount will be submitted daily, until authorization is received. This could result in more than one charge to your credit/debit card within a month, and will not delay future payment dates. Seattle Opera will not be responsible for any overdraft fees incurred due to an unscheduled charge to your account resulting from this.

Have a question?

Contact the ticket office at 206.389.7676 or 800.426.1619 or by email at


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