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"An impressive and moving triumph. All the characters in this production are portrayed - and sung - with absolute conviction and high artistry by both casts. With [the] stunning sets and costumes, and equally stunning work by Beth Kirchoff's chorus and by the orchestra under Asher Fisch's baton, the production is all together a triumph. Don't miss it." -The Seattle Times

"Old-fashioned spectacle, big glossy tunes. Seattle Opera's staging looks great: mythic ancient China with a faint whiff of Games of Thrones. A fine cast and impressive standard of orchestral playing also do the production proud." -The Vancouver Sun

"This Turandot leaves one with a sense of kaleidoscopic, choreographed movement in gloriously inventive costumes and one's ears full of equally glorious music, all conducted with unerring timing by [Maestro] Asher Fisch. You like spectacle? Go see Turandot. Love superb singing? Go and enjoy this grand, elaborate opera with wonderful music, a tenor aria all the world recognizes, a fantastic story and tear-jerking moments." -CityArts

"With [André Barbe's] Zeffirellian set (packed with extras and large chorus), over-the-top costumes, Guy Simard's lurid lighting, and the Seattle Symphony on overdrive in the pit under Asher Fisch (the company's go-to conductor for the repertory's most opulent scores), Seattle Opera piles spectacle upon spectacle." -Seattle Weekly

"Puccini's last opera contains some of his finest music, plus a daunting maze of puzzles and challenges. This production is up to the test, succesfully combining its musical, scenic, and theatrical dimensions into a unified vision that's genuinely enthralling." -Crosscut

Aug. 4 - Aug. 18, 2012

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