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The King of the Huns and his conquering hordes clash with cunning women warriors and a scheming Roman general in this dramatic work of historical fiction from the undisputed Italian master. Complete with assassination plots, dirty politics, and plenty of pomp and circumstance, this rousing showdown between good and evil boasts expressive melodies, glorious choral pieces, and stand-out arias.

In Italian with English subtitles | at McCaw Hall
Approximate Running Time: 2 hours, 15 minutes, with 1 intermission

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Best Availability: January 28
Seats Available: January 25


Audio Preview of Attila by General Director Speight Jenkins.



Preview Trailer

Featuring the Huns versus the Romans and Odabella’s unstoppable path towards avenging her father’s death, our Attila trailer video is full of action. Most impressive though, is the showcase of star-powered voices that command the music and remind us why Verdi is the master of Italian opera.


Music Rehearsal

When the lead singers arrived for rehearsal, we caught up with them to see their work with Maestro Carlo Montanaro. Hosted by the King of the Huns himself (Bass-Baritone John Relyea), see why the principal singers all have extremely difficult parts to master before opening night.


Music of Attila

Head of Coach-Accompanists David McDade takes us to the piano for a music lesson on Attila. Learn some of the musical themes you’ll hear from each character as well as explore the big role of the chorus in this opera.


Speight's Corner

General Director Speight Jenkins waxes poetic about Attila, its beautiful music, and the stellar cast he hand-picked for this opera. Special guest Costume Designer Melanie Taylor Burgess joins Speight to discuss the new costumes being created for the production.


About the Cast

Bass-baritone John Relyea, who terrified Seattle as Bluebeard in Bluebeard’s Castle, portrays the ruthless Attila, brought down by the Venezuelan soprano Ana Lucrecia Garcia as the fearsome Odabella. Italian tenor Antonello Palombi plays her lover, Foresto.

E-Book Download

Attila Spotlight Guide for Kindle

Educational guide covering Verdi's Attila. The guide discusses Verdi’s motivation behind this now-rarely-performed opera, which makes its Seattle premiere this season, and compares the title character to the real-life Attila the Hun.
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Audio Player

Learn about the King of the Huns from bass-baritone John Relyea, who will sing the title role. Plus, conductor Carlo Montanaro is a Verdi veteran, yet tell us he is particularly interested in conducting this work.


A Visual Tour

Verdi’s drama about Italian patriots repelling the Huns and forging Italy from the ruins of the Roman Empire comes to Seattle Opera’s stage for the first time.


What’s Going On?

After raiding the Italian city of Aquileia, Attila, king of the Huns, falls in love with Odabella, whose father he killed during the invasion. Although Odabella acts loyal to Attila, she revenges her father and her country.

Banner Photo Credit
Foreground: John Relyea, Metropolitan Opera, 2007 © Ken Howard Photo
Background: Attila, Israeli Opera © Yossi Zwecker Photo

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