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Seattle Opera.

School Opera Tours

The Three Feathers

A One-Act Children's Opera for Grades K-5

What better way to experience the power of musical storytelling than by bringing a live opera performance to your location? Seattle Opera’s school tour program brings a 50-minute opera to you and your students, complete with study guide and post-performance discussion. A perfect all-school assembly or community performance.

This fully staged and costumed production is performed with five singers and live piano accompaniment. Each performance includes a post-show audience discussion to deepen the students' engagement with the opera’s message about gaining confidence and the power of inner strength.

“The story of The Three Feathers teaches us that, with perseverance, we can find the treasures that have been right in front of us all along.”
Kelly Kitchens, Stage Director

Touring January-June 2018

Where will the adventure lead you?

Explore a classic fairy tale from a fresh perspective! Seattle Opera’s 2018 touring production recounts the adventure of a lifetime in which a young woman discovers her hidden strengths and gains confidence. The Three Feathers is a new one-act children’s opera based on the Brothers Grimm story with further inspiration from Mozart’s The Magic Flute.

An aging king in search of a successor presents each of his three daughters with a feather that will lead them through a series of tests. When one feather leads the shy but kind Dora to another world ruled by a mysterious Frog King, she must draw upon her courage, intelligence, and compassion to win her father’s favor and save the kingdom. Will she succeed and earn the right to rule?

Music by Lori Laitman, Libretto by Dana Gioia
Stage Direction by Kelly Kitchens

Full-length opera originally commissioned by the Center for the Arts at Virginia Tech. This adaptation for schools commissioned by Seattle Opera.

The Three Feathers tour schedule is fully booked! Information regarding the 2019 school touring opera will be posted soon.

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