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An unnamed knight comes to save Elsa, a princess accused by Ortrud and Telramund, two evil ones intent on taking over her kingdom, of drowning her brother. The knight will be protector of her kingdom and become her husband, but she must never ask his name or origin. Ortrud and Telramund feed Elsa with doubts about her knight. If he arrived so magically and has no name, he could leave as easily. On their wedding night, Elsa can no longer stifle her curiosity and asks the fatal questions. Telramund, thinking that the knight has lost his power when Elsa asks the questions, attacks and is killed. The knight tells Elsa that he must leave her and informs everyone, including Elsa, that he is Lohengrin, a knight of the Holy Grail and the son of Parsifal, the Grail King. Before leaving, he brings back Elsa’s brother. With the appearance of Elsa’s brother, Ortrud shrieks and dies.

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Lohengrin, 1994 © Gary Smith