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Die Walküre

Siegmund, unbeknownst to him the son of Wotan, flees his foes and ends up in the house of one of them. He falls in love with the woman of the house who shares his love. She drugs her husband, and the two fall into each other’s arms. They discover that they are twins, but their ardor still burns bright. In the gods’ domain, Brünnhilde, daughter of Wotan, prepares on his orders to fight for Siegmund. Fricka, Wotan’s wife, makes Wotan see that he must destroy his son because the god’s oaths require it. Wotan countermands his order to Brünnhilde. When she meets Siegmund, however, she decides to defy Wotan. Wotan has to appear himself to give Sieglinde’s husband victory. Enraged at Brünnhilde, Wotan pursues her and sentences her to be a mortal. She persuades him to surround her with fire so that only a fearless man can win her.

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Die Walküre, 2001 © Gary Smith