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"A triumph of singing, acting, and playing. ... A rich array of great tunes. ... Buoyant conducting... Marco Vratogna gave a top-notch performance; hearing him with Nadine Sierra was a joy. ... The supporting cast was uniformly excellent, joining John Keene's well-schooled chorus for some terrific theater. ... Brava to (Director) Linda Brovsky for her directorial finesse."
-Melinda Bargreen, The Seattle Times


"Rigoletto gets five stars. A beautiful production."
-Larry Brandt, via Facebook


"Saturday's opening performance earned a justifiably rousing standing ovation. Marco Vratogna's duets with his daughter [were] gorgeous and touching. ... The wonderful music, passion-driven staging, and awe-inspiring vocal pyrotechnics make this a most gratifying night of opera."
-Maggie Larrick, Queen Anne News


"It's a major winner. See it!"
-Mary Hobbs, via Facebook


Rigoletto is one of opera’s great sing-alongs, and Seattle Opera’s version…remains crisp and engaging.”
–Rebecca Brown, The Stranger


We loved Rigoletto! Everything from the sets, costumes, singing and music was wonderful.”
–Sandra Inoshita Olson, via Facebook


A heck of a compelling show.
–Gavin Borchert, Seattle Weekly

Jan. 11 - Jan. 25, 2014

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